Isn’t translation just retyping words in another language?

The short answer is NO! Read on for the long one.


Sworn translation (or certified translation as it’s known outside South Africa) is the translation of official/personal documents for use in a country where the language of your document is not understood or accepted. A sworn translation is also the legal equivalent of your original document for use in a court of law. As an Afrikaans to English sworn translator in Cape Town, admitted and enrolled in the High Court of South Africa (Western Cape Division) and ex officio commissioner of oaths, I will stamp and sign my translation of your document, such as for legal proceedings, emigration purposes, for the purposes of company law, or for use abroad, to indicate that it is a true translation of the original or certified document.

I also provide Afrikaans to English legal translation for other documents of a legal nature, or English to Afrikaans legal translation, such as for employment contracts, codes of conduct, terms and conditions, policies and procedures, legal disclaimers, or legislation.


Emigration: birth/marriage/death/police clearance certificates, divorce/adoption orders, medical reports, antenuptial contracts, settlement agreements, WhatsApp messages

Employment: qualifications, professional accreditation, apprenticeship contracts, trade tests, payslips, testimonials  

Study: degree/diploma/trade/matric certificates, academic transcripts, module outcomes, school reports

Corporate/Financial: bank statements, financial statements, certificates of registration, articles of association, lease agreements

Court: affidavits, witness statements, court transcripts, forensic reports, wills, title deeds, trust deeds


Software localisation (L10n) focuses on the English to Afrikaans translation, or South African English localisation of software or software strings. It enables all the users in your target market to experience your website, app or software user interface (UI) as if it were truly made for them. It’s about adapting your product to both the culture and language of the desired end user, so no more ‘Can’t read. Won’t buy’!

I provide English to Afrikaans localisation services (sometimes involving machine translation post-editing or MTPE) to end clients such as Microsoft (Xbox, Office, Skype) and Google (My Business, Maps) as well as South African English localisation, so content looks and feels native to product users in South Africa.



Mobile apps

Software strings

Help and FAQ documents

User guides and manuals

Infographics and multimedia

Social media posts and stories

Articles, newsletters and blog posts


Corporate communication can either focus on informing clients or stakeholders due to regulatory requirements, such as annual reports, or persuading the public to buy certain products, such as ad campaigns or product presentations. It can also involve a process called linguistic screening to evaluate potential brand names, company names, slogans and even logos for negative cultural and linguistic connotations. This process is normally done by an in-country translator because they will be most familiar with consumer products in their country of residence.

I provide Afrikaans to English translation, or Dutch to English translation so your company or government department can meet legal or financial requirements. My English to Afrikaans translation services can also help you reach your audience with your compelling marketing message. I have put my corporate translation or transcreation spin on everything from press releases about how knitting with mohair is the next big thing, to brochures and posters about transgender rights.


Landing pages

Social media posts

Brochures and posters

Corporate publications

Government study reports

Customer satisfaction surveys

Press releases and newsletters

Market research questionnaires

Radio, TV and print advertisements

Corporate profiles and presentations

Annual reports and performance plans

Product descriptions, names, slogans and logos


Publishing or book translation focuses on creative translation where it’s more about the meaning than the words, and translation becomes more of an art than a science to create a text that reads like an original. I’m an award-winning non-fiction translator and received the SATI prize in 2019 for my English to Afrikaans translation of a university textbook for first-year educational psychology students.

I work with trade, educational, independent and custom publishers to provide English to Afrikaans translation or Afrikaans to English translation of non-fiction, such as cookbooks, sports biographies, textbooks and study guides, as well as for books by self-published authors.



True crime


Study guides

Devotional books

Sports biographies

Self-published books

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